Specialty Coffee Events in Berlin


Since being back in my second home Berlin, I’ve been working on some really cool specialty coffee related projects lately:


coffee meets power food-coffee pairing dinner event berlin

1. Specialty Coffee Events in Berlin: Coffee meets Power Food – Exclusive Dinner Event as part of Berlin Coffee Festival


Experience a unique culinary journey through South America, East Asia and the modern healthy cuisine with a 3-course meal of a different kind!

Because, we won’t serve you wine with your dinner, but coffee!


Yes, you’ve read correctly! Having more aromas than wine, coffee offers a broad range of aromas and a flavor variety that’s just waiting to be paired with healthy and delicious ingredients.

You’ll get to try different coffees from around the world prepared with the Chemex that have specifically been chosen for each course.

Enjoy a creative cuisine with healthy ingredients and a breathtaking flavor experience hosted by chef, Michael Hoffmann, and me! ;-)

More info and the 3 course meal here.


specialty coffee tours Berlin-learn from the filter and espresso experts

2. Specialty Coffee Events in Berlin: Specialty Coffee Tours – Learn from the filter & espresso experts in town


Specialty Coffee shops are buzzing in Berlin, especially in Berlin district Kreuzberg. I think, Kreuzberg is one of THE hubs for specialty coffee in Berlin! Many of the coffee shops here have very innovative concepts, when it comes to roasting and preparing their coffees. The coffee map of Kreuzberg is densely packed with some of the best shops in town.

With our specialty coffee tours we are trying to focus on the experts of brewing filter coffees and making espressos. From independent to larger shops, from multi roaster cafes to cafes with their own roastery – we make sure, you’ll get the best insights for your home brewing adventures or your own future shop!

For the two tours we picked coffee shops and roasteries who are excellent with what they’re doing already. But they also are experts, when it comes to brewing filter coffee and making espresso.

Learn from their expertise & know how while sipping on some delicious specialty coffees.

Your tour guide is ME! ;-)

More info about the tours and how to get tickets here.



3. Specialty Coffee Events in Berlin: Blogger Breakfast – Social Media for bloggers, cafes & roasteries


We host this workshop-event during Berlin Coffee Festival 2018 on Saturday, September 1st. The Blogger Breakfast is for everyone who thinks specialty coffee and social media is a good match.

Join us for several workshops about

  • how to do coffee blogging & writing inspiring copy for your website or social media pages (done by ME),
  • how to take great photos for your social media pages,
  • how to become an influencer / how to get in touch with influencers (as a coffee company),
  • how to deal with the new privacy policy regulations on your coffee website / blog,
  • how to become a coffee(You)Tuber.

Plus a sensory quiz and an exclusive cupping in collaboration with specialty coffee roaster Tres Cabezas out of Berlin.

Find more info about the Blogger Breakfast here.


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