I love specialty coffee! I love to drink coffee – mostly filter coffee. I love to talk about coffee. I love to read about coffee. I love to write about coffee, too. And, the reason, you’re reading this blog post here tells me, you somehow love coffee also!

But, why is this favorite beverage of zillions of people so popular?

Why is it so rewarding actually to connecting with people over coffee?

Here are five amazing reasons why connecting over coffee will not only enable you to meet new (coffee)friends, but also broadens your horizon as a coffee drinker – and lover – as well as a traveler.


1. Coffee lets you grow as a person

I mean this! Literally! At least in my experience. I usually was and still am not super ambitious when meeting new people, I even used to be rather quiet and introverted. Since I made my way into specialty coffee, though, everything changed. I opened up as a person.

I love to connect with other like minded coffee people and I love to connect with them wherever I go. Be it cafes and coffee shops around the world, coffee festivals, trade shows, etc. I am super curious and tend to ask a lot of questions. Which is often really funny, especially when traveling and heading to coffee places around the world with my camera…

Talking coffee enables you to grow as a person and stepping out of your comfort zone. Stepping out of what you think you already know.

2. Coffee is connecting people

Wherever I go, people keep asking me how I made my way into specialty coffee (If you’re curious, here’s how). And, I love to answer this question! Because I love talking (about) coffee.

If you’re meeting someone for coffee, you not only share the same beverage, you also have something to talk about immediately.

You will meet people that already know a lot about coffee, but also that are totally new to it. And, that’s the fun part! Everyone is super curious, even those that actually don’t drink coffee (that is just, yet…).

Seriously, if you lack a topic to talk about with people you just met, talk about coffee, because sharing coffee know how, sharing your passion and love for this beverage is highly inspiring for others, as well!


3. Staying curious with specialty coffee

When diving into Specialty coffee, you start seeing those green and brown beans and the black beverage in a totally different way. A whole new world of flavors, aromas, brewing methods and coffee gear is opening right in front of your eyes and tastebuds. If you’re keen to know and stay open minded, you’ll explore everything about the fascination and passion.

I started with a lot of milk in my coffee or espresso just a couple years ago. Black coffee was nothing I would try voluntarily…

Connecting over coffee with like minded coffee people around the world, though, talking about coffee and tasting different (filter) coffees, opened my eyes and helped me giving black coffee an actual chance, to taste the fruitiness and the juiciness that many great filter coffees offer nowadays.

4. Expanding your coffee know how

No matter if you’re new to specialty coffee or already into it for a while, coffee enables you to broaden your horizon, personally and with your coffee know how.

If you have a closer look around you, there are tons of possibilities to learn about specialty coffee.

Reading coffee blogs and coffee magazines as well as coffee books that cover cafe reviews, stories about coffee people, skills how to brew the best coffee at home, etc.

If you’re more of a Doer, you have the chance of attending seminars and workshops in coffee brewing, Barista skills, Latte Art, roasting and more. Online, in coffee schools as well as at cafes and coffee shops or roasteries.

You have some spare time? How about a part time job as a Barista at a local cafe near you?

You like traveling? Well, coffee cities around the world host coffee festivals, cafe crawls and such. You can even volunteer at those coffee festivals. Another great way of getting to know new and like minded (coffee) people and start connecting over coffee.


5. Traveling off the known paths

Speaking of traveling, how are you planning your itinerary? Are you going where everyone is heading? Doing sightseeing? Walking the paths, every tourist is walking?

I’m honest, this got super boring to me, I found out a couple years ago.

Since I made my way into specialty coffee I started traveling off the known paths, discovering my travel destination mostly on foot or with public transport and by connecting with locals.

Be it with my hosts while doing couchsurfing or Airbnb or at the coffee places I visit. On my coffee trips and walking tours I explore street art and culture and, yes, once in awhile, a tourist spot is crossing my way, too.

If you’re up to getting to know your travel destination in a different way, try traveling based on coffee. It will give you so much more than the usual glimpse you get to know while traveling as a tourist.

Your next steps into specialty coffee?

Connecting over coffee is more than sharing the same beverage. It helps you meet new people. It always gives you something to talk about. And, it enables you to see your world with different eyes.

If you already started digging deeper into specialty coffee, try taking the next step.

Buy that book about coffee brewing. Attend that cupping the cafe near you hosts every week. Even if it is trying your next cup of Joe without the usual splash of milk.

Then, at least your taste buds will have something to ‘think’ about for a little while and your barista one more reason to share his or her passion with you by suggesting a great filter coffee…

Wanna know how to grow your specialty coffee knowledge, so your next conversation has you look like more Pro? Head over here!

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