Have you ever thought about escaping your day-to-day job and go on a coffee tour? A coffee tour of your lifetime?


And, I’m not talking about just a couple days spent in a city doing a coffee tour or maybe 2-3 weeks of leave that you get as an employee and try to explore your travel destination, its coffee scene and some touristy spots maybe…

No, what I’m referring to is something bigger, something so big, you might want to consider quitting your job…

Wait, what?!?


No matter, if you’re already working in the coffee industry or not. If you’re a barista, a roaster, a coffee consultant or a coffeepreneur like me, how about traveling through a country, be it your own or a country far away from yours or even a whole continent?

How about learning from the best baristas, roasters, trainers that you only know from social media or coffee festivals?

How about working together with likeminded coffee people from another city or even another country and to learn about a coffee (shop) culture that you’ll benefit from in your own job as well?

Would you get on your bike, your motorcycle or in your car and start a road trip that could change your whole coffee life forever?

How crazy, how adventurous are you?

Are you wondering what it takes to go on a trip like that? Have you asked yourself how to start planning that coffee tour of your lifetime…?

Read on fellow reader…

Josh Littlefield and Dillon Williams both from the US did and are doing just that.


Great American Coffee Tour / summer 2016


Josh traveled an epic 6 months through his country in summer 2016, working shifts at cafes, coffee shops and with roasters and explored the specialty coffee community of the US like no one might have ever done before.

I talked with Josh in a short podcast episode about his experiences and his suggestions, if you’re planning that coffee tour of your lifetime already.


Give it a listen here:


Here and here are the links to the articles I mentioned during the show.

This is the website of Great American Coffee Tour.


Homecoming Coffee Tour / summer 2017


Another young coffee fellow from the US is Dillon Williams, a barista. He just started his coffee bike tour in Budapest during World of Coffee.

He explains a bit about his approach and why he’s traveling through Europe over the course of 6 months as well on a bicycle in this little video right here:




If you want to follow along Dillon’s journey through the coffee cities in Europe and, if you wanna know, if he’s gonna be stopping by your city, do not miss to check out his Facebook and Instagram page AND his blog.

Getting itchy feet now?


You don’t have to go coffee traveling for 6 months right away (7 weeks like I did in summer 2016 are fairly enough ;-) ). Many of you are having families and responsibilities within their coffee jobs. I get that.

But, what about doing a job exchange with a coffee shop in your or another city for a couple weeks? Meaning, you’d change your job for a little while with another likeminded coffee fellow. I guess both of you and your shops would benefit a lot from such an experience.

Or you can do it like me in summer 2016, when I traveled 7 weeks through the US cafe hopping, meeting locals, exploring my travel destination via its specialty coffee scene in six US cities.

Meaning taking a couple weeks off – if you can – and go on a coffee tour, either alone, as I did it, or together with a likeminded coffee friend of yours.

And, maybe that’s already the coffee tour of your lifetime without leaving ‘everything’ behind… ;-)


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